I love NBC’s new show, Medium. I’ve always been excited about the psychic and paranormal. For the past two weeks, this great new show has not been on during its regularly scheduled time. The first week was due to some sports event. The second week was because of the Miss USA pageant, yay. This week NBC has the nerve to throw on a repeat. I wish I better understood the logic and strategy behind scheduling TV shows. Mayabe my new project at work will provide some insight.

I’m not a TV whore, pardon my language. I only watch three shows religiously the whole week–Medium, CSI: New York, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. TV is my way of letting my mind go at the end of the night and relaxing me enough to go to sleep. Sure, reading can do this for most, but not me. Reading either puts me to sleep after the first paragraph because of the “mind” effort, or keeps me in such suspense that I can’t put the book down.

Grrr. So, I hope that next week I will not have to say grr to NBC again.

Another loss for Team of Wheat

Just got back from pub quiz at Nodding Head. Sadly our Team of Wheat has lost again. We did have a much better performance this week than in the recent past.

Irish John needs to find a new favorite country. Every other question he asked was about French. He often asks questions about France and it’s getting a bit annoying. Several times he has asked for the French word for egg (ouef). We’ve gotten that wrong every time. We never will again 😉

Last night he asked at least 2 French language questions and 2 France-related questions in each round.

Oh well, we at least had a strong joker round. Nearly got them all right. Woo hoo.

And can I just say, mmm Ich Bin Ein Berliner Weisse!


hotelcover.jpgI went to the Moby concert Friday night and had a really great time. The concert was fantastic. They played a lot of songs from the new album, which I’m sure many of the listeners didn’t have yet. But they also played some great songs from Play and 10 and a coule of good covers.

We choose to skip out on the opening act, because my friend saw them before and was not impressed. That just gave us more time to spend at one of our favorite bars, North 3rd in Northern Liberties. We had dinner and lots of drinks in preparation for the concert.

The night was great, even though we were home by midnight.