Getting ready to go back

I am getting ready to return to Philly and I have mixed feelings about it. I’ve been living in Zagreb, Croatia since January and although the transition was difficult at first I’ve really grown to like it here. Life here is far less stressful than in Philly, even when I have the same workload. It will take me some time after I return to Philly to really understand why.

People say the pace is fast in Zagreb. I can’t imagine it any slower. Folks really haven’t experience East Coast U.S. After that, they’ll love the “slow” pace in Zagreb again, hehehe.

Before I came here, I couldn’t imagine living outside of the U.S., although it was one of my life goals to do so. Now, I’m a little worried about returning to the fast-pace, stressful environment of Philly.

I’m very excited about returning to see my family and friends, work on my new house (that we left behind last year), and enjoy many of the American “conveniences” I’ve done without for the past 5 months. The first thing I think I will do when I return is buy a Starbuck’s grande non-fat latte, do a load of laundry to use the dryer, and watch some cable TV 🙂

While I’ve been in Zagreb, I’ve done without a lot of things…
– no clothes dryer
– no microwave
– no more than 4 channels via rabbit ears
– no to-go coffee
– minimal eating out (no one goes to restaurants here)
– no car to get up and go wherever, whenever I want
– no sushi (i love sushi)

But, this was a fantastic experience that can’t last forever. I’ve met a lot of great people, got to know my “extended family” better, visited a lot of exciting places, and experienced life in another country gaining a better understanding of its culture, language and all those great things that make up Dinko. I just hope I have time to see all the great folks I’ve met here that have really made my experience so great.

I have one more trip before a week of packing before I go. I will be spending a great long, Memorial Day weekend in beautiful Novi Vinodolski on the Adriatic sea.

In the meantime, you can check out all the pictures of the places we’ve been so far at