Back in Philly

I’ve returned to Philly and the trip was hard, literally and figuratively. I’m no good with goodbyes and I’m not a terribly talkative person, especially to folks I don’t know well. Each goodbye was very awkward for me. Although I knew I was going, I kept trying to tell my mind that I wasn’t. I will miss everyone and everything about my life in Zagreb. The entire experience has really changed me, and I hope for the better.

The first thing I realized when I stepped foot outside of the airport in Philly was the smell of the city. I’ve lived in the city for 10 years and it never dawned on me that the city really does have a distinct smell. It’s not a particularly pleasant smell, but it is a familiar one.
The second thing I noticed was the sound. The city is so loud, even in my house. I’ve been so used to only the sound of barking dogs and chirping birds. Now I hear planes, helicopters, sirens, people, buses, you name it. It’s no wonder people have trouble relaxing in the city 🙂
It won’t be long before I am back into my old routine. I just hope that the experience and the memories I have stay with me and keep me moving forward in a new and positive light.