Stop Designing Products

Peter Merholz’s presentation on “Stop Designing Products” is music to my ears. It’s not news. I’ve been encountering this problem all over. To start designing for experiences and not products we need to be able to do is:

– understand people as people
– embrace and embed design approaches
– create and drive towards larger business strategies
– evolve our organizations to support these approaches
– embrace flexibility, adaptation and agile development
– contribute to and draw from the ecosystems of products and services already in use

My question is how do you evolve the organization to support these approaches?

Above points take directly from Peter Merholz’s slides.

Foreign Cities in the U.S.

It’s just amazing how many names of cities in the U.S. are borrowed from other countries, even other states. Some cities are even named after other countries. What cities in the U.S. have you been where the city name has originated from another country?

City and state you visited (should be an exact match)
Originating country

Bristol, PA
Bristol, England, UK
I’m going to start collecting these for an interesting study 🙂

Maine Vacation

We just came back from a really perfect and fantastic vacation in New England. We went to Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor, ME. The drive there is long so we stopped in Mystic, CT on the way up and Portsmouth, NH on the way back.

Acadia National Park is now my favorite national park, and New England is my favorite place in the U.S. Boy do I have to see more places to see if it will be the all-time favorite 🙂

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