Bad Dog

So Pablo’s been bad. It seems like the only way we can really get him to behave these days is if we bribe him with food or if he’s really, really tired from extra extra exercise. Some things he’s really good at without us doing anything (doesn’t destroy house while we are away, sits at doors before entering or leaving, doesn’t enter our bedroom). Tomorrow we have our first meeting with Jane Brydon to start his one-on-one training. I hope it helps!

Doggy Blues

Today we learned that Pablo got in a fight with a Boxer at doggy day care. It’s his first fight there and we got a warning about his behavior as a result. Next time it happens there will be stricter measures. It’s upsetting because every time we take him there we ask about his behavior and we always get that he was “fine”. Only this one time do they tell us he has problems — getting in a fight with another dominant dog, never listening to the female handlers.

Now we are looking into 1-on-1 training with a trainer that we’ve worked with before to help curb his behavior so we can keep going to the doggy day care.

If you know of anyone in center city Philadelphia who walks dogs and trains them as well, we’d love to hear about them.