22lbs lost!

Some weeks are slow with weight loss, and other weeks are big. Last week I lost 2.5lbs. This week, just 0.5lbs. But a loss is a loss 🙂

In other notes, my training is underway for Broad Street. I’m determined to run the race at a faster pace than last year. I hope that I can run it at a 10:30 min/mile pace. So far I’m training at a 10:00 min/mile pace for short distances.

This weekend I managed to run 3 miles in 28:44! That’s faster than 10:00 min/mile! (That’s 28:44 for 4.8km for my Croatian friends 🙂

Broad Street Training Schedule

For those of you beginner to moderate runners out there looking for a partner to train on Saturdays for the Broad Street Race, here’s my schedule. It’s a modified version of the schedule I used with Team in Training to train for the 2007 Broad Street Race and Alaska Half Marathon. Weather permitting, I plan to vary the destinations from Kelly Drive, Valley Green and Valley Forge.

Training starts this weekend!

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18 Pounds Lost!

The holidays were troubling for my diet. I stabilized my weight loss through most of it, which is better than gaining. Now that I’ve lost this much weight I need to reduce the number of calories I eat even further to continue to see more loss. In a week or so I will begin my training for the Broad Street race again. All should be fun!