Lost over 29 lbs!

April has been a really rough month. I managed to injury myself running and therefore was unable to walk or do much exercise. Throughout the 3 weeks of recovery I put on a couple more pounds. But, for the past week I’ve been able to run and walk the dog normally. The result is getting back on track with my weight loss and back in shape for Broad Street.

Dinko in Namche, again

Got another quick email from Dinko. He’s back in Namche, which means he’s on his way back to Kathmandu. He’s having a fabulous time despite the little stomach illness and altitude sickness between 12,000 and 18,000 feet. He did manage to go to the Everest Basecamp and can’t wait to come back and share the pictures and stories with everyone…only not toooo fast.

He raved about being able to take 3 showers during the past 2 weeks, of which one was out in the open only wrapped in a tarp. Too bad we won’t have a picture of that – HA. And lastly, he announced that he most certainly looks like a Yeti now that he hasn’t been able to shave since he left Philadelphia.

For all those interested, he will be back this Friday. I can’t wait 😉

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

My good friend, Adrienne, has challenged herself to participate in the 3-Day Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and to raise $1800 as part of Team Monika. Team Monika is group of incredible women walking in the memory of Monika Dunkel, my friend Johanna’s mother, who died of breast cancer in 1989. This year is particularly significant because the walk with be in Boston, where Monika passed away 19 years ago.

Nearly everyone I’ve met knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer in their family. My grandmother was a breast cancer survivor. It is so important to continue research, outreach and education about this disease so that one day breast cancer may be a rare occurrence. You can help, but sparing some of your pocket change to support the cause.

Donate to Adrienne’s Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Goal >

Dinko in Namche

I managed to get an email from Dinko today. He was in Namche Bazaar in Nepal. It’s the last town before Everest and he found Internet access. It was very slow and very expensive so his email was short, but such a surprise to get. He’s having a fabulous time and is really enjoying the trek and the company. I will likely not hear from him again until he returns to Kathmandu in 10-12 days.

IA Summit

I will be off to the fantabulous 2008 IA Summit in Miami tomorrow! This is *the* yearly event for information architects. I’m soooo excited to see everyone and participate in some much needed and inspiring discussion about the world of information architecture, user experience, interaction design and usability.

My highly anticipated sessions include:

Can’t wait!

PhillyCHI and IDSA Joint Happy Hour

Please join us as for our PhillyCHI and IDSA Joint Happy Hour. Stop by, have a drink and see what fellow PhillyCHI and IDSA folks are up to.

Date: Thursday, April 17, 2008
Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Location: The Black Sheep, 247 S 17th St (South of Locust St), Philadelphia, PA
RSVP: phillychi@gmail.com (not required, but nice)

About IDSA

The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) is the voice of the industrial design profession, advancing the quality and positive impact of design.

IDSA is dedicated to communicating the value of industrial design to society, business and government. IDSA provides leadership to and promotes dialog between practice and education. As a professional association, it serves its diverse membership by recognizing excellence, promoting the exchange of information and fostering innovation.

Dinko out of range

As of early this morning, Dinko took off with the rest of the group with REI Adventures from Kathmandu to Lukla to begin his 2 1/2 week trek through the Himalayas and up to the Everest Basecamp. He will be out of range so we won’t hear from him until he resurfaces in Kathmandu. I’m sure he’ll have a fantastic and rejuvenating time! Hope he doesn’t encounter the Yeti, or any dangerous mountain creatures.

For those interested in exactly what he’s doing out in Nepal, here’s his itinerary.