My first marathon

On Sunday, November 23rd, I successfully ran my first marathon. Here’s the proof:

The training was intense and long but it gave me the confidence to know that I *can* run 26.2 miles. I couldn’t have completed all the training or run the race if it wasn’t for the support of a few fantastic folks:

My husband, Dinko, gave me the daily encouragement I needed and took care of things around the house when I was running. He helped me to be a better runner by coaching me on food and speed. I now know that the hardest part of running and training for a marathon is simply the way you think about it. The physical part is so much easier.

My good friend, Regan, was the best running partner I could have ever hoped for. We ran the same pace and spent my long training runs together. We kept each other company, pushed each other to improve and pulled the other during rough patches. It really would have been a lonely 26.2 without her.

Thank you to everyone who came out and cheered the runners on during the race, and to all the friends that helped during training. This is my best accomplishment to date and I thank you for helping me get there.