Preparing a Portfolio

It’s been almost two years since I sat down to really evaluate and articulate all that I’ve accomplished professionally. I worked on so many different projects and at different capacities it’s challenging to identify what I should concentrate on next.

With almost 10 years experience in UX it’s time to evaluate and expand. I’m beginning this journey by preparing an online portfolio.

Preparing an online portfolio is new for me, but will be an incredible exercise in identifying my best work, succinctly articulating my accomplishments, and broadcasting this to the world.

One thing is true with all of my endeavors… I plan them out. So, here’s the plan:

1. Identify strengths and skills to include
I’m starting with an assessment of the strengths and skills I wish to highlight from my work. Here’s what I’m looking to demonstrate:

  • design and user research
  • information architecture
  • interaction design
  • user experience strategy
  • usability evaluation
  • models and frameworks
  • collaboration and brainstorming
  • process development

2. Review past work for examples
Next I dig into my past work looking for examples of all of these strengths and skills. I’m not looking to categorize all of my work, but I am looking for good examples where I had a significant effort that I can speak to.

3. Pick the 5 best
Why only 5 examples? More is not better. I want to really shine without being overwhelming or too repetitive.

4. Write mini case studies
Once I narrow the examples, each will be described through a mini case study that covers:

  • purpose and goals
  • process and challenges
  • effect and result

In the end I should have a good idea of all that I’ve accomplished in the past 10 years and where I want to improve.