Experience Frameworks Talk at PhillyCHI

This week I gave my first talk at PhillyCHI about Experience Frameworks. The purpose of my talk was to inspire and encourage other user experience professionals to put experience frameworks to the test.

I defined experience frameworks as models that can help designers frame and evaluate an experience. In this category I do not include frameworks that attempt to define and communicate design process, roles or responsibilities.

With this definition, there’s a lot of frameworks out there in the user experience community (and other communities) that can be really great tools. Some of them have been around for awhile, and some of them have emerged recently.

Here are a few that I’ve reviewed, including those that I shared in the presentation:

And be on the look out for more experience frameworks, like Cindy Chastain’s Story(Thinking). There’s a lot of great ideas in the community. Let’s put some of them to the test to see how they can be used as tools for designing great experiences.

Review my full presentation on slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/ckubitsky/phillychi-experience-frameworks