2009 Year in Review

All this review is a little delayed it was well worth the time. Despite the overall gloomy haze that covered most of 2009 for the nation, there were many things to be proud be proud of.

small checkmarkChaired for Pre-Conference at the IA Summit in Memphis, TN
With the help of fantastic folks like Samantha Bailey, Keith Instone, Mags Hanley, Jennifer Bohmbach, Donna Spencer, Stacy Surla, and Dick Hill, I took on the responsibility to organize and manage the efforts of the pre-conference workshops for the 2009 IA Summit. In addition to workshops, we also were able to hold the first-ever consortium in the history of the Summit. An awesome accomplishment with great success for the content strategy community.

small checkmarkRan Second Marathon in Baltimore
In 2008 I ran my first marathon in Philadelphia with my good friend, Regan. It was such a major accomplishment for the both of us in my hometown that we also decided to give it a go in hers. Read about the fantastic experience we had in October.

small checkmarkCompleted Full Year as a UX Researcher
In my quest to be the best User Experience Designer I can I chose to spend the past 18 months concentrating on understanding our users and how to best use that information to affect the products we provide. I’m very proud of the work I’ve done so far and the progress I’ve made as a new researcher and a designer.

small checkmarkMentored a Transitioning UX Designer
I had the privilege this year of providing guidance to a very smart and enthusiastic woman interested in transitioning to UX. This is really fantastic and rewarding opportunity. I’m very proud of the progress and hope to continue playing a role in her transition.

small checkmarkTraveled to London, Edinburgh, Zagreb and Hawaii
Like every year, we try our best to travel to new places while also making a stop in Zagreb to see family. This year was no exception. The UK is always a treat, but Edinburgh was amazing and I really hope we get the opportunity to live there one day. Enjoy the pictures from my trip to London and Edinburgh.

I can only hope that 2010 continues to be a year of great experience and accomplishment. Looking forward to whatever lies ahead.

‘Tis the season for donating

Donating to charities is an important responsibility we exercise each year. As much as we want to donate to all the organizations out there, it’s just not possible. Therefore, every year it’s a challenge to determine how much we can spread around and where. Where we donate is a statement about us and our values.

We support a number of organizations — local, national and international — that help affect the things we hold dear:

  • environmental responsibility
  • eradication of cancer and disease
  • protection of animals
  • access to safe family planning
  • safety and opportunity for children
  • spread of free information and ideas

What do you support?

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

My good friend, Adrienne, has challenged herself to participate in the 3-Day Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and to raise $1800 as part of Team Monika. Team Monika is group of incredible women walking in the memory of Monika Dunkel, my friend Johanna’s mother, who died of breast cancer in 1989. This year is particularly significant because the walk with be in Boston, where Monika passed away 19 years ago.

Nearly everyone I’ve met knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer in their family. My grandmother was a breast cancer survivor. It is so important to continue research, outreach and education about this disease so that one day breast cancer may be a rare occurrence. You can help, but sparing some of your pocket change to support the cause.

Donate to Adrienne’s Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Goal >

Dinko out of range

As of early this morning, Dinko took off with the rest of the group with REI Adventures from Kathmandu to Lukla to begin his 2 1/2 week trek through the Himalayas and up to the Everest Basecamp. He will be out of range so we won’t hear from him until he resurfaces in Kathmandu. I’m sure he’ll have a fantastic and rejuvenating time! Hope he doesn’t encounter the Yeti, or any dangerous mountain creatures.

For those interested in exactly what he’s doing out in Nepal, here’s his itinerary.

27 lbs lost!

Despite the huge week-long binge in Hawaii, I have been losing weight since I came back. Running more miles in my training each week is certainly contributing as well. It’s very exciting to think that I will be half way through my weightloss efforts in just 1-2 more weeks 🙂