Lost over 29 lbs!

April has been a really rough month. I managed to injury myself running and therefore was unable to walk or do much exercise. Throughout the 3 weeks of recovery I put on a couple more pounds. But, for the past week I’ve been able to run and walk the dog normally. The result is getting back on track with my weight loss and back in shape for Broad Street.

Gained 3 lbs

Going backwards on the diet a little. The achilles tendonitis that I have is preventing me from walking and doing any cardio. I didn’t realize just how much regular walking had an affect on my fitness and weight loss. Hopefully I will be able to lose the extra pounds once my foot is better. I will be staying home most of next week so I can stay off my foot and speed up my recovery.

27 lbs lost!

Despite the huge week-long binge in Hawaii, I have been losing weight since I came back. Running more miles in my training each week is certainly contributing as well. It’s very exciting to think that I will be half way through my weightloss efforts in just 1-2 more weeks 🙂

22lbs lost!

Some weeks are slow with weight loss, and other weeks are big. Last week I lost 2.5lbs. This week, just 0.5lbs. But a loss is a loss 🙂

In other notes, my training is underway for Broad Street. I’m determined to run the race at a faster pace than last year. I hope that I can run it at a 10:30 min/mile pace. So far I’m training at a 10:00 min/mile pace for short distances.

This weekend I managed to run 3 miles in 28:44! That’s faster than 10:00 min/mile! (That’s 28:44 for 4.8km for my Croatian friends 🙂

18 Pounds Lost!

The holidays were troubling for my diet. I stabilized my weight loss through most of it, which is better than gaining. Now that I’ve lost this much weight I need to reduce the number of calories I eat even further to continue to see more loss. In a week or so I will begin my training for the Broad Street race again. All should be fun!